Notice and Circular

Notice (Advertisement)

NewAdmission Notification for B.E. & M.E. courses against few vacant seats (Published on 17.09.2019)

Notice for admission in M.E. courses 2019 against vacant seats (Published on 13.08.2019)

Selected candidates for ME Admission (Published on 13.08.2019)


Admission Form (Published on 11.07.2019)

Admission Notification for the M. E. courses with the Information Sheet & Application Forms-2019(Revised) (Published on 27.06.2019)

Notice (Examination)

NewTCPA format UG 2019

NewTCPA format ME 2019

NewPROVISIONAL RESULTS OF BE 6TH SEMESTER (Regular) EXAMINATION-2018-2019 (Published on 24.09.2019)

8th Sem PPS Result (Published on 04.09.2019)

8th Sem Spl. Suppl Programme Schedule (Published on 04.09.2019)

M.E 4th Sem Programme schedule (Published on 30.08.2019)

B.E ODD 5TH SEM EXAM PPS RESULT 2018-19 (Published on 29.08.2019)

Notification for Post Publication Scrutiny BE Odd 7 th sem (sup) (Published on 27.08.2019)

Provisional Results of B.E. 7th Semester Spl Sup Examination 2018-19 (Published on 05.08.2019)

PPS date of BE 8th Sem Regular Examination 2018-19 (Published on 02.08.2019)

Reported Against Candidates of B.E. Even Semester (Regular) Examinations 2018-2019 (Published on 30.07.2019)

Result of BE 8th Semester (Regular) Examination 2018-2019 (Published on 30.07.2019)

PPS NOTICE 1ST SEM (Published on 22.07.2019)

PPS NOTICE 3RD SEM (Published on 22.07.2019)

Form fill up Notice of 7th Sem Special Supplementary of 2018-19 for CSE701 (Published on 19.07.2019)

Programme Schedule of Special Supplementary Exam of CSE 701 (Published on 18.07.2019)

Provitional results of BE 7th semester(R)special supplementary 2018-19 (Published on 08.07.2019)

PPS 5th Semester 2018-19 (Published on 26.06.2019)

Notice (General)

NewScholarships Available

Notice for Stream Change 2019 (Published on 29.07.2019)

Notice for commencement of BE & ME Odd Sem Class 2019-20 (Published on 26.07.2019)

Decentralised Counselling 2019- 20 (Published on 23.07.2019)

Plantation Programme (Published on 05.07.2019)

Plantation Notification for Students (Published on 05.07.2019)

Plantation Notification for Employees (Published on 05.07.2019)

NIQ for Placement Assistance (Published on 05.07.2019)

NewList of holidays 2019

Notice (For First Year)

2nd List of 1st Year Hostel Allotment (Published on 16.08.2019)

1st Year Hostel Allotment 2019 (Published on 08.08.2019)

Notice for Hostel possession of 1st Year students (Published on 08.08.2019)

Notice for commencement of 1st year BE classes of 2019-20 (Published on 26.07.2019)

Hostel Form (Published on 11.07.2019)

Archive (Old Notice)

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